Scripting toolkit for FreeSWITCH


core Core functions.
core.conf Global configuration file.
core_actions Actions provided by Jester core.
couchdb Access to CouchDB.
data Handle external data.
dialplan_tools Access to dialplan applications.
email Send email.
event Interact with the FreeSWITCH event system.
file Simple file operations.
format Custom formatters for sequences.
get_digits Collect user input from the channel.
hangup Actions related to hanging up a channel.
log Custom logger for sequences.
navigation Menu/phone tree navigation.
play Play sounds on a channel.
record Record sound from a channel.
service Access external services.
speech_to_text Speech to text translation (experimental).
system Access to operating system commands.
tracker Track various states.


jester.lua Main launching point for Jester.
socket.lua Socket listener.
extract_actions.lua Extracts Jester module actions using ldoc.
action_map.lua Table of Jester actions as extracted from Jester using ldoc.



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