Script socket.lua

Socket listener.

This is a socket listener for running Jester sequences via the FreeSWITCH event system. It is experimental, use at your own risk.

To start listener, set it as a startup script in conf/autoload_configs/lua.conf.xml:

     value="jester/socket.lua [server] [port] [password]"

Or via luarun:

   luarun jester/socket.lua [server] [port] [password]

It listens for CUSTOM events of subclass 'jester::socket'.

Firing an event for the listener looks something like this:

  sendevent CUSTOM
  Event-Subclass: jester::socket
  Jester-Profile: socket
  Jester-Sequence: mysequence
  Jester-Sequence-Args: arg1,arg2

Params for the event are as follows:

    Required.  The name of the sequence to run.
    Optional.  The profile to run the sequence under.  Defaults to 'socket'.
    Optional.  Arguments to pass to the sequence, in the same form that normal
    sequence arguments are passed.

To exit the listener, you can send this event:

   sendevent CUSTOM
   Event-Subclass: jester::socket
   Jester-Socket-Exit: yes

WARNING: there is no session object available with this approach, so be careful not to use actions that need a session (play, record, get_digits, etc.) or the listener will crash! The sequences should be more along the lines of performing database/file manipulation, logging to file, etc.


  • Copyright: 2011-2015 Chad Phillips
  • Author: Chad Phillips

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